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Software to Automate Paperwork

Binary Office, Inc is dedicated to helping businesses and government agencies reduce their dependency on manual paper-based processes.

Business Process

Automate Your Worst Paperwork!

Binary Office, Inc is dedicated to helping businesses and government agencies reduce their dependency on manual paper-based processes.

Cloud Document

Come To The Cloud - Scan And Capture

Cloud computing has IT smiling. We’ll have you smiling with our cloud computing based document capture software. From all departments processing inbound paper documents (or electronic files...

Electronic Forms

Formerly A Hassle

When paper, paper packets, or MS Office files need to get routed around, that is generally a good fit for Business Process Automation. However, when a process in your office needs to be driven by a …

Automated Data

Setting Your Data To Autopilot

Binary Office offers several different products and delivery models including purchase or rent (SaaS) so we can fit the right one to your needs. Many resellers don’t offer more than 1 product much …

Document Imaging
& Management

Toss Your File Cabinet

Filing paperwork is easily the one of the most hated aspects of a persons job. The easiest way to get rid of the file-cabinet is to get rid of the file, but you can put the matches away you won't be …

Our Three Step Process

What’s our secret?  Just follow our Three Easy Steps below using our software to scan any paper as soon as it comes in to your department or company.
That way you can automate everything down stream!

Paperwork typically automated includes any paper-driven processes that staff are manually performing. Examples include entering data, sorting papers, filing papers, routing papers for approval, processing paper forms (Invoices, Orders, Claims, Deal Jackets, Mortgage folders).

    Replace Manual


    Automated Identification And Data Capture Software Can Cut Manual Data Entry Time Costs By 90 Percent.

    Automated Classification Can Automatically Sort Inbound Documents At 188 Pgs/Min, Slashing Hours Of Manual Labor.




    Replace Manual
    Data Entry


    Eliminate slow, costly manual data entry from paper forms.

    As paper documents are scanned or other inbound streams (fax servers, report files, email attachments) are processed, the software first automatically recognizes them and then knows where to look to capture data.




    Route & Approve


    Now that they’re sorted and entered, you can electronically route and approve them. Voila, No more Paper!





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Automated Data Capture Software - OCR Software for Forms - Scanning Software - 
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